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Welcome to Papua Bird Club

The Papua Bird Club (PBC) is dedicated to the promotion of conservation, the protection of birds, and
the support of rural communities in Papua (formerly Irian Jaya or Indonesian New Guinea). 
PBC was founded in 1995 and was the first club of its kind in the region. 

From all walks of life.
We offer tours that enable visitors from all walks of life to enjoy close viewing of birds and other wildlife, without disturbance or destructive influence.
A fair number of our clients have a non-specific interest in natural history, wish to enjoy a holiday visit and become immersed in the beauty of Papua.
The Papua Bird Club is also experienced in organizing specialist tours to accommodate the requirements of birdwatchers, naturalists, conservationists and photographers for whom we prepare customized itineraries .
In addition to our work in West Papua, the PBC can offer tours throughout the Wallacea region, including Sulawesi and Halmahera.




Research and documentaries.
We provide advice, assistance and guiding for terrestrial and marine biologists conducting research, filming or photographic activities in all parts of the region, including internationally significant diving locations. As part of our commitment to the scientific study of birds in the region, we submit our bird lists and interesting records to Kukila, journal of the Indonesian Ornithological Union (IdOU).
We also enjoy close links with film makers and were delighted to provide a guiding and advisory service to Sir David Attenborough, in the making of his two extraordinary documentaries; 'The Life of Birds' and 'Attenborough in Paradise'.


David Attenborough and Kris Tindige

Sir David Attenborough
" I too have such personal debts of gratitude. Among those I should wish to thank are David Gibbs and Kris Tindige in Irian Jaya ... "

David Attenborough The Life of Birds, David Attenborough Productions Ltd., 1998. Also author of many wildlife books



Support of local people.
Central to our philosophy is the education and support of local people, whose livelihood depends upon the continued health of their environment. Community education  programmes are a vital aspect of our work.  We contribute to these financially and with close practical involvement.



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